Oltre il Giardino

Project approved under the Erasmus+ programme
Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Strategic Partnerships in the field of education, training and youth

Oltre il Giardino

Social Inclusion Observatory

The Partners, agreeing that Culture, Relation and Motivation are important elements to foster a social integration at European level, want to contribute, through the innovative project Oltre il Giardino – Social Inclusion Observatory”, with an active and aware participation, to improve life quality level of a target of people with social exclusion and less qualified skills.

Thanks to the creation of special activities aimed to acquisition of self-awareness, the fruition of the cultural heritage and environmental protection and care, keeping in mind beauty and origin of European historical gardens, the Project wants to valorise, promote and concretize a process of social inclusion. This process could be productive, even at work, in overcoming the discomfort with and through the fundamental combination of preventive and continuous activities for monitoring the status of the disease, also to develop skills and practical-digital ability of the target identified, keeping in mind gender equality and with the involvement of local/international institutions creating an effective network of exchange of good practices between the Partner countries belonging to the lower Mediterranean basin (Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal).