O5 – Being There! The scientific statistical research, results, analysis, comparisons and new models for best practice

01/11/2020 – 30/06/2022
Leading Partner
Me-We Istituto di Ricerca Innovativa srl
Participating Partners
Associazione “Per Boboli”
Opera della Divina Provvidenza Madonnina del Grappa
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Instituto Politecnico do Porto
Kyttaro Enallaktikon Anazitiseon Neaon (KEAN)
Agricultural University of Athens

To carry out the surveys, Me-We Istituto di Ricerca Innovativa designed a research plan with which to handle all the canonical stages of social research, characterized by the framing of the topics under investigation, the definition of hypotheses and the clarification of the research design.
Starting with the Desk Analysis that traced the statistical description of the peculiarities of each target group, a scientific validation bibliographic analysis through institutional sources (Istat, Eurostat and national statistics offices of partner countries) and enriching it with academic and specialized literature, was carried out.

In the next qualitative phase, in-depth fieldwork was done with experts and privileged witnesses and a focus group with practitioners and target subjects to define the dimensions concerning the objects of investigation.

The Focuses of the first quantitative research (May-August 2021) were Drop Out and school dropout, direct or indirect causes of life choices, to understand how much these phenomena affected (consciously and unconsciously) the lives of people with social disadvantage. Fundamental was also the study for independent and autonomous compilation of the surveys. In addition to cultural mediation with experienced face to face practitioners, psychologists and sociologists, direct links to the surveys were proposed for the project focus persons for an unmediated experience. The focus of the research was supplemented with the topic of the impact of the Covid-19 emergency on the Project target group, a topical issue to understand how incisive this was in the lives of people living in social disadvantage and social category far from the spotlight and often even from public interest, except for news events. The sample, representative of the country in which the survey was being administered, consisted of 600 people divided by country in the proportion of the reference universe (Italy and Spain, much more populous than Greece and Portugal).

In the second quantitative research, carried out in March-June 2022, the topic of the war in Ukraine in particular, research called WAR, was addressed to measure its impact towards the Project Focus. A theme shared by all partners, given its exceptional nature, with the aim of knowing how much this burdened our Project Focus. More than 600 interviews were administered, with the methods of the first quantitative both in administration and for the Sample. For this research, the innovative Speech Survey, Project output (O2) (https://oltreilgiardino.eu/project-summary/02-europa-social-survey-piattaforma-online/), was also adopted on a sample of 100 project target people.
The questionnaires, of all surveys, were translated by the partners into their native language, thus putting to use any inherent features of the Project Team.

The questionnaires and statistical analyses can be viewed in the ESS platform and downloaded on this page (report). For the first quantitative one, the partners for each country represented analyzed the data that emerged from their country with the originality of their point of view as scholars and/or practitioners of the project focus. Me We has produced for each research the overall statistical analysis.

An important characteristic of this partnership was that they came from countries in the lower Mediterranean. Cultural and human affinities fostered a commonality in the choices of the objectives of the very in-depth social survey and in the identification of tools for autonomy and freedom of opinion, aimed at fostering full autonomy of people.

The surveys were translated by the partners into their native languages, thus putting to good use every inherent characteristic of the Project Team.

The quantitative administration of the survey by Me We in Italy took place at the Opera Madonnina del Grappa and the centers of the Social Services of the Municipality of Florence with face to face mode mediated by professional operators and with links for autonomous compilation suitable for all devices, just as the Spanish, Greek and Portuguese partners applied the same operational principle at their identified reference facilities.