Meeting to present the results achieved

Apr 30, 2021 | News

On 24/04/2021, at 11.00 am, in the external spaces of the Don Facibeni School kindly made available by the partner of the Opera della Divina Provvidenza Madonnina del Grappa, the meeting aimed at describing and presenting the material of the activities realized and the results achieved so far took place, with the direct involvement of the participants of the Project Focus Group. The results of the meeting on the pruning of olive trees (which was attended by the same representatives of the project Focus group) were showed, along with the positive and synergistic traits of the multi-disciplinary nature of digital activities and practices applied to the Historical Gardens (a distinctive theme of the Project) within the Project. Finally, the required participation certificates were delivered.
Participants: Antonella Randazzo, Rossella Landriscina (Opera della Divina Provvidenza Madonnina del Grappa, Project Partner), Eleonora Pecchioli, Ilenia Maria Agresti, Andrea De Pasquale (Associazione Per Boboli, Project Coordinator), Mattia Rossi, Maria Elena Bardini (Cultura REPublic).