Multiverso Coworking Orientation Meetings

Apr 2, 2021 | News

From 02/03/21 to 25/03/21, the orientation and non-formal teaching meetings were held at the Multiverso Coworking headquarters in Florence, attended by the representatives of the project Focus Group.
The participants were engaged, throughout the course, in the learning of digital skills (DIG Comp 2.1) considered at European level the basis for the development of an active
and conscious digital citizenship, of interpersonal skills (soft-skills Entre Comp). The meetings ended with a podcast, reaching the goals expected by Project guidelines.
Participants: Eleonora Pecchioli (Associazione Per Boboli- Project Coordination), Ilenia Maria Agresti (APB), Mattia Rossi, Maria Elena Bardini(Associazione Cultura REPublic, operators, as Associated Partner), Rossella Landriscina (Opera della Divina Provvidenza Madonnina del Grappa), as representative of Project Partner, Diletta Bortoluzzi (Opera MdG, operator).