Workshop of cuttings, layering and grafts

Nov 18, 2021 | News

Last Friday 12th November, at the premises made available (always with great enthusiasm) by our project partners Opera della Divina Provvidenza della Madonnina del Grappa, the workshop of pruning, layering and grafting took place.
The young people in our project’s focus group were thus able to experiment through practice under the expert guidance of our Master Gardener Ivo Matteuzzi (who has worked for years in the Boboli Gardens). They were able to learn the practices of an extraordinary and absolutely unique craft, which only those who preserve years of valuable experience are able to pass on!
A big well done goes to the participants and a special thanks to Rossella, Diletta, Ivo and to our tutors from the “Amatori del Verde” Delphine and Gilberto.
Onwards and upwards!